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Promoting Equality During Scottish Apprenticeship Week

For more than a decade Nil by Mouth has worked with employers all across Scotland to promote equality, tolerance and change in the workplace.

Through our Scottish Government backed ‘Beyond Religion & Belief‘ project we have worked with over 150 businesses, charities, councils, co-ops and colleges to help highlight the rights and responsibilities conferred on us all through the Equality Act. In recent years we have targeted audiences through Modern Apprentice programme which run across a range of industries, sectors and professions. Through this nationwide programme young people are offered the chance to secure employment, training and a pathway to a permanent job. Apprenticeships are proving hugely popular with both employers and employees and are seen as a hugely positive way of contributing to our civic and economic well-being.

The programme also provides the perfect opportunity for Nil by Mouth to bring our message to people right at the beginning of their career and highlight the importance of ensuring a workplace is diverse and free from sectarian prejudice, language and behaviour. During Scottish Apprentice Week, which runs from 7-11th March 2022, we have been delivering ‘Pause B4U Post’ sessions to MAs at South Lanarkshire & Dundee City Councils as well as at Strathclyde University.

These sessions explore the often complex and controversial world of social media, examining our own attitudes and habits as well as focusing on how our online behaviour can have consequences on both our employment and reputation of employers. We discuss issues around freedom of speech and expression as well as highlighting employers own social media policies to staff.

The project was designed in partnership with students from City of Glasgow College drawing on their own experiences and have proved hugely popular with employers either delivered virtually or in person.

If you are running a Modern Apprentice programme and would like to discuss participation in this project, which is currently being offered free of charge, please drop us a line at for a chat.


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