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Since 2000 Nil By Mouth have been campaigning against sectarianism in Scotland. We have been active in the media, engaged policy makers, successfully lobbied Government and delivered thousands of workshops in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces across Scotland.

None of this would have been possible without the support of a committed group of volunteers, fundraisers and supporters.

If you feel strongly about this issue and want to play your part in challenging sectarianism in Scotland there are several ways you can support our work.



We are a small charity and rely heavily on donations to help support our work.

If you would like to make a donation please click the button below to be taken to our fundraising mini-site.

We really appreciate it!


We are currently seeking to recruit volunteers to support our work across Scotland.

We currently have vacancies on our board of Trustees and opportunities for volunteers to assist with delivery of our ground breaking sectarianism awareness workshops. 


We are always keen to work with groups or individuals who wish to participate in sponsored events to raise money for Nil By Mouth.


If you have an idea, we’d love to hear from you.

Nil by Mouth are delighted to announce the publication of a new book ‘Us and Them’ offering a fresh take on football rivalries in 2020.

The project brings together established football writers such as Daniel Gray (author of Saturday 3PM, Stramash and Black Boots & Football Pinks) and Andrew Downie (author of the critically acclaimed Socrates: Footballer, Philosopher, Legend) with new voices such as Craig Wilkie, and Jennifer Jones.  

Weighing in at 144 pages ‘Us and Them’ provides a fresh take on football rivalries from the pitch to the hearts, minds and habits of supporters around the globe. Kenneth Cortsen, Laurie and David Shaw explore ‘Fans Vs Finance’,  Craig Davidson takes in the Basque Derby, Andrew Gray explores one of the world’s newest footballing nations and Nil by Mouth Director Dave Scott explores a different side to one of the world’s greatest sporting rivalries.

Priced at £6.00 (inclusive of postage and packing) for UK customers and £11.00 for international customers, all profits from sales go toward keeping Nil by Mouth’s  ‘Champions for Change’ schools programme free of charge for the thousands of pupils and dozens of schools who take part every year. So when buying a copy you aren’t just getting quality writing but helping our young people build bridges higher than walls.

Kosovo, Jersey, Bilbao, Suzhou and Galashiels are just a few of the stops on our travels. So join us for new journeys in football rivalry.

Us and Them. Them and Us.

To order please drop us a line at




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