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In January 2021 we launched the ‘Neeps & Tatties project which uses storytelling and the Scots language to help children better understand difference.  Created by author Carey Morning and illustrator Anna York, ‘Neeps and Tatties’ tells the story of two warring vegetable tribes who are finally encouraged to put the past behind them in the interests of a better future. The book examines issues such as discrimination and prejudice, highlighting how old grievances can be overcome by a new generation and is supported by free classroom resources helping children learn more about Scots and how differences can be understood rather than feared. 


Since then it’s been used in more than 1,000 schools, nominated as ‘Bairns Book of the Year’ at the Scots Language Awards, taken on an artistic tour of Scotland led and enjoyed by thousands of children. You can enjoy the narrated video version below; 

We are currently busy organising the next exciting stage of the campaign which will run from St Andrews Day 2023 until Burns Night 2024 but in the meantime we have been asked by lots of people if it is possible to purchase copies of the book as gifts and we are delighted that Carey is making a limited number available with all proceeds going towards a garden bench for a beloved school gardener, retiring this year after decades of helping plants and children grow. 

So, if you would like your own copy of this beautiful book and its powerful message you can buy one for £7 in the UK and £12 internationally. Nil by Mouth will ensure every penny is passed on as requested by the author. 


For more information, or to obtain multiple copies at a discounted rate, contact:

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