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Book Week Scotland: More Than a Game

As part of ‘Book Week Scotland’ we are delighted to present Archie MacPherson and Daniel Gray in conversation about ‘More Than a Game: Living with the Old Firm’, Archie’s new book on Glasgow’s football rivalry.

Archie MacPherson is a truly iconic figure in Scottish football and his latest book focuses on his experiences both on and off the pitch on one of European football’s most controversial rivalries. Daniel Gray is one of the UK’s leading football writers and the author of a new book ‘Extra Time’ published by Bloomsberry. The duo also reflect on the emotional and cultural importance fans attach to rivalries and touch on ‘Us & Them’ the new book published by Nil By Mouth and edited by Daniel.

This online recording forms part of Book Week Scotland which runs from 16th to 22nd November, the national celebration of the written word. We are grateful to the Scottish Book Trust for its support in putting this event together and hope you enjoy the show.


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