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Campaigners United for Mental Health

Nil by Mouth is delighted to announce we are the new Sponsors of the Scottish Mental Health & Wellbeing League Cup.

This pioneering football league set up to help promote discussion around male mental health. And the cup competition is to be held in Ravenscraig this November.

The league’s aim is to support the recovery of individuals with lived experience of mental ill-health and tackle stigma associated with it through football. The 13-team league has recently restarted for the 22/23 season with four new teams being welcomed into the fold.

League Chair David McPhee believes there is now a willingness to talk about mental health which up until recently may have been missing and it is hoped the tie in with the charity will allow players to learn more about using the sport as a vehicle for inclusion.

Mr McPhee said:

“People are much more open and willing to talk about their experiences of poor mental health or the stresses and pressure they are under and are definitely much more open and willing to engage with our players and participants in terms of understanding why they are there. When we are looking for venues for games, it is never, ‘You are bringing a group of people with mental health problems, I’m not sure.’ It is nothing like that, which is maybe what we would have encountered four or five years ago. So it is a much more open environment and the culture is changing and that is encouraging.

We have had four new teams join us, Edinburgh Street Soccer, Greenock Morton, NL Kickstart United Reds and Man on Inverclyde, and that is a reflection nationally in terms of mental health and well-being, there are more people looking out for that support. And as more people become aware that we exist as a league and there is an opportunity to participate in that environment with their peers, then the word is starting to spread which is great.”

We thought that Nil By Mouth was a good connection. They are about positive messages which is what we are all about, we bring people together and we don’t care about their backgrounds or who they support, it is about playing the game and that fits into their ethos and we are delighted they have offered to support that. They will pay for the trophy and medals and there will be an opportunity for them to share their message with our players.”

Nil by Mouth Director Dave Scott Said:

‘This is such a brilliant initiative that plays such an important part in the life of the players and coaches involved. When we were approached about sponsoring the cup it took all of two seconds to say yes, it’s an honour to be involved. During the various lockdowns it was striking how the absence of football impacted upon people in terms of their wellbeing. In our work we often have to deal with the negative side of football so it’s always a delight to be asked to support the sport at its best. Football enriches peoples lives and provides a feeling of belonging and value, regardless of if you are playing at Old Trafford or your local park with mates. To put our name to such a competition is a privilege.‘


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