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Celebrating Community in Cowie

Over the past few months Nil by Mouth have been working in partnership with Cowie and St Margaret’s Primary Schools in Stirling on an education programme aimed at helping Primary 7 pupils explore identity, discrimination and belief.


In addition to taking part in Nil by Mouth workshops the classes have undertaken special art workshops and joint learning sessions looking at themes such as Remembrance Sunday and the history of their village. The project has been supported by CCG construction who are building new properties in Cowie and wish to invest in a project that also builds relationships in the area.


In January Nil by Mouth sponsored a joint Burns Supper for the classes which focused on the hugely popular ‘Neeps & Tatties’ book written by Carey Morning which has been used in nearly 1,000 schools across Scotland. Both schools received class sets of the book.


The latest chapter saw the schools receive a visit from the Edinburgh Interfaith Association Roadshow where representatives of major faiths and beliefs set up stalls with traditional dress, objects and activities to explain more about their particular faith. Pupils were encouraged to ask questions about beliefs different to their own, or new to them, and have them answered by people from that background.

Pupils try on clothing from different belief systems.


The project is part of Nil by Mouth’s ‘United Against Division’ programme which brings denominational and non-denominational schools together to help young people discuss sectarianism and explore issues around identity and difference.


Commenting on the project Nil by Mouth Director Dave Scott said:


This is a great project to be involved with

and we can only commend the schools involved for making it such a success. They have been able to allow children to explore difficult and often controversial issues with great imagination and openness. We are particularly delighted that the Edinburgh Interfaith Association visit was so popular as this is the first time we have been able to work alongside them and we’ve always felt its roadshow would be a perfect accompaniment to our work, focusing as it does on promoting learning and tolerance of each other. Nil by Mouth will be back out in Cowie before the end of term to pull together some of the learning as this is the type of project that schools working in other places can replicate. Cowie’s coming together and it is brilliant to be part of that.’



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