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Renfrewshire Roving

Over the last few months Nil by Mouth’s Education Team has been busy working with schools across Renfrewshire, helping bring children from different schools together to explore difference, discrimination and sectarianism as well as celebrating community.

We have held three events in Erskine, Johnstone and Ferguslie Parkwhich saw children from denominational and non-denominational schools work together on a series of team challenges, quizzes and educational workshops designed to create and nurture new friendships.

Nil by Mouth been helping children in Renfrewshire answer some big questions.

In Erskine, Bargarran and St John Bosco Primaries participated in a full day of activities with a focus on how young people can work together to create change whilst also pitting their basketball skills against teachers and Nil by Mouth staff to win more than 100 Easter eggs to share with one another.

In Johnstone Primary 6&7 pupils from St David’s and Cochrane CastlePrimaries spent a morning discovering things they had in common as well as looking at how our online behaviour can impact in the real world. They also found out more about how Nil by Mouth was founded and the importance of not stereotyping people on the basis of things such as schools they attend or football teams they support.

Pupils are encouraged to consider their opinions and what makes them who they are.

At our most recent event in the Tannahill Centre, more than 100 pupils from St Fergus and Glencoats Primary Schools united for an event celebrating community and getting to know your neighbours better. The children took part in a special Paisley Themed quiz answering questions about the town, its landmarks and history as well as taking part in ‘Fact or Opinion’ games designed to explore attitudes to, and understanding of, identity issues.

Our charity is delighted to have been able to support this work during the first few months of 2022 and hope we will be able to continue to work with all the schools when the new term starts in August. Since September 2021 more than 3,000 pupils in over 50 schools have been involved in our education programme and we are aiming to beat these figures in the next school year.

Schools gathered in the Tanahill Centre to celebrate the Ferguslie Park community.

Erskine schools competed together against teachers and Nil by Mouth staff at basketball.


For more information on how we can support your schools, free of charge, please contact our Education Team at


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