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Scottish Children’s Lottery Funding

Nil by Mouth’s efforts to help young people consider the real life consequences of online behaviour have received a boost with support from the Scottish Children’s Lottery.

Earlier this month the charity’s Director Dave Scott collected a cheque for £1,557 from the Lottery which has distributed over £7 million to good causes across Scotland in recent years. The money will help fund Nil by Mouth’s ‘Pause B4U Post’ programme which sees the charity work with 16-25 year olds across a range of employment and training settings. Young people will receive inputs focused on helping them better understand the potential consequences for posting online abuse in terms of both their own reputations and those of potential employers. The package helps participants think about their own social media use and balancing their right to free speech with that of others to live their lives without feelings of threat or discrimination.

Dave received the cheque at City of Glasgow College where students created the ‘Pause B4U Post’ concept in 2016. Since then, the charity has delivered sessions to thousands of people across Scotland including those on Modern Apprentice and Employability programmes ran by respected providers such as Street League, Action for Children and Tigers Ltd.

The Scottish Children’s Lottery is played by thousands of people across the country every week with proceeds used to support good causes helping young people improve their own lives and communities through the Chance to Flourish programme.

Nil by Mouth Director Dave Scott said:

‘We’d like to thank Lottery and its players for their generosity in helping us get this project back moving after Covid restrictions. Our staff will be out working with young people in communities across west central Scotland over the rest of 2022 on the ‘Pause B4U Post’ project helping them better understand their rights and responsibilities. We look forward to re-connecting with many of our partners who have had to restrict their operations during the pandemic.

This project isn’t about telling people what to do or what to think. It’s about helping them make informed choices and the activities we do focus on how easy it is for others, including potential employers, to walk away with a bad impression of you based on what you post on social media platforms. Many of the young people we work with already have significant obstacles in their path to gaining employment so if we can help prevent them putting more up themselves that can only be a good thing.’

For more information on how your project can benefit from these free Scottish Children’s Lottery ‘Pause B4U Post’ sessions during 2022 contact Emma Alexander on


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