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Us and Them

Football Rivalries across the globe come under the microscope in a new book produced by Nil By Mouth and available through our website.

‘Us and Them’ is the result of a two year project linking the charity with established football writers, academics and new writing talents. Edited by critically acclaimed author Daniel Gray ‘Us and Them’ takes a fresh and sideways look at rivalry in football.

Chapters include:

  • EU Politico Editor Andrew Gray visits Kosovo as the world’s newest football nation makes it’s competitive home debut.

  • Andrew Downie, author of the acclaimed ‘Socrates: Footballer, Philosopher, Legend’, asks if Pele really is the greatest player of all time.

  • Craig Davidson samples ‘Pintxos’ and takes in the Basque Derby between Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad.

  • Craig Wilkie travels to Suzhou to witness the first clash between two aspiring footballing superpowers.

  • David Shaw, Laurie Shaw and Kenneth Cortsen explore the growing gap between fans and finance in football.

  • Daniel Gray goes island hopping to witness ‘Jersey vs Guernsey’ vying for the Murratti Cup.

  • Jennifer Jones reflects on the rivalry between traditional journalism and social media commentators in Scotland.

  • Nil by Mouth Director Dave Scott examines how lifelong friendships are formed across Glasgow’s footballing divide.

Profits from the book will go toward Nil by Mouth’s pioneering ‘Champions for Change‘ schools programme which has been delivered free of charge to hundreds of schools across Scotland since 2011.

The book is priced at £8.50, inclusive of postage, for UK customers and £12.50 for international orders. You can buy your buy emailing


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