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In March 2014 Nil by Mouth teamed up with pupils from Glenlee PS, Burnbank PS and St Blane’s PS Blantyre for a very special world record attempt held at the National Football Centre at Toryglen.

Both schools had recently achieved their Nil by Mouth ‘Champions for Change’ accreditation and the schools wanted to continue to build on this work and celebrate the new friendships being made.

Prior to the attempt the pupils were put into teams from across both schools and took part in sporting challenges and educational workshops to highlight the importance of teamwork, getting the best out of each other and understanding that religious or cultural differences are to be celebrated not feared.

The symbolism of the event was potent as the children were asked to try and set a new world record for the highest number of people successfully working together by linking arms and standing up at the same time.

The concept behind the event was dreamt up by students from SRUC, who as part of their sports degrees, met with Nil by Mouth to look at arranging an event which celebrated diversity and the way in which sport and physical activity can foster lasting positive relationships between people from different walks of life

This short video provides a flavour of just how successful this event proved. As Scott Black from SRUC explains ‘What happens when people come together and work together? We set records, we can achieve the impossible?’

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