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Tulloch Taste Equality

Children at a Perth Primary school are being served up a slice of equality alongside their neeps and tatties thanks to the kindness of a local family-owned business. 

Stewarts of Tayside has teamed up with Nil by Mouth to give pupils in Tulloch Primary School the opportunity to participate in the ‘Neeps & Tatties’ project which uses the Scots language as a way of helping children better understand difference.


Written entirely in Scots, and created by author Carey Morning and illustrator Anna York, ‘Neeps & Tatties’ tells the story of two warring vegetable tribes who are finally encouraged to put the past behind them in the interests of a better future. The book examines issues such as discrimination and prejudice and includes a series of classroom games and activities based around the story. These explore different cultures, including looking at the significance of food and festivals in different traditions.


Since being launched in January 2021 the book has been used in over 1,200 schools right across Scotland and the story has been performed on YouTube by artists such Cbeebies presenter Rory Connors. Books are made available free of charge to schools thanks to the support of local businesses and charities such as Stewarts. Digital versions are also available to download for free from the Nil by Mouth website for use at home.


Primary 7 pick up their copies.

Stewarts of Tayside are an independently owned and family managed business centred around Tofthill farm on the banks of the River Tay. They are widely recognised as being one of the UK’s pre-eminent fresh produce growers, packers and hauliers with specialities including the finest Scottish neeps and tatties. When they heard about the success of the book, the Stewart family were determined to give local children a taste of the project. The businesses support will allow teachers from across Perth & Kinross to obtain free copies of the book and classroom resources during 2024. 


Stewarts HR Director Sheena Stewart said:

'We are delighted to be able to support this worthwhile project by ensuring schools in Tayside are able to enjoy the story and use the resources to discuss how we celebrate community in class. We loved how the book uses the food we take such pride in producing as a way of telling a story with such a powerful message and its fantastic to hear that’s it proving so popular in local schools with more than 50 primaries already receiving copies. As food producers we understand the importance of sowing seeds and ensuring you provide the right conditions for them to grow. The same principle applies in education, if you help children at an early age better understand the world and different cultures around them they will develop into more thoughtful, wiser adults.'

Nil by Mouth Director Dave Scott said:

' Neeps & Tatties is a simple, yet effective, way of helping children explore the things that make us different whilst also providing an opportunity to discuss their own culture and beliefs in a positive way. We are very grateful to Sheena and everyone at Stewarts for getting behind the project and ensuring all schools in Perth & Kinross can benefit.'

Tulloch Primary 7 Teacher Megan Marston said:

 ‘We are delighted to receive these books thanks to the generosity of Stewarts of Tayside and I look forward to seeing what our children and staff do with the resource. This resource is a great stimulus and will enable children and staff to explore important issues around the rights of the child and how we better understand differences between people. It is a fabulous project and we are delighted to be part of it.’


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