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Renfrewshire Schools Pen their ‘Delights’

Two Renfrewshire schools have been learning about the delights of writing from one of the UK’s leading football authors.

P7 pupils at Bargarran and St John Bosco Primary Schools in Erskine took part in a ‘Delights’ workshop led by Daniel Gray as part of a joint school programme, aimed at brining pupils together to learn about difference and celebrate all the things that make them similar.

Daniel Gray is one of the country’s leading football writers and the author of several books including ‘Saturday 3PM’‘Stramash: tackling Scotland’s Towns and Teams’ and ‘Scribbles in the Margins.’ Daniel hosts the cult ‘When Saturday Comes’ podcast as well as being the editor of the Scottish football periodical ‘Nutmeg.’

Daniel helped the pupils create their own piece of writing

Daniel kicked off this years’ partnership by explaining to the pupils about his work and the various inspirations and writing processes that shape it. Pupils were also supported to create their own ‘delight’ focusing on a smell or sound which incites happy memories and were tasked with putting these down on paper in the form of a letter as a way of introducing themselves to someone in the other class.

The visit was arranged by Nil by Mouth and the Scottish Book Trust through the ‘Live Literature’ programme which brings reading and writing to the heart of Scotland’s communities by funding author events including live visits, online workshops and other remote sessions. Each year Live Literature supports author events that reach over 20,000 people across all 32 local authorities in Scotland.

Bargarran Primary and St John Bosco Primary, who share a campus. are now in their second year of working alongside Nil by Mouth. The joint initiative aims to promote tolerance and respect. Even within shared campuses, covid restrictions have had an impact on schools being able to mix. With restrictions now eased the project will help re-establish positive connections between the two schools and will bring teachers and pupils together.

This December both classes will read ‘Neeps & Tatties’, Carey Morning’s beautiful Scot’s storybook and will begin to explore themes around acceptance, difference & discrimination. This work will carry forward to the new year when pupils will learn about various art techniques and more about the creative process from ‘Neeps and Tatties’ illustrator, Anna York when they come together to participate in a joint art workshop.

The schools will use 'Neeps & Tatties' in the run up to Burns Night.

The primary 7 pupils will also have the opportunity to participate in Nil by Mouth’s ‘Pause B4 U Post’ programme which helps children better understand the impact of online bullying and discrimination. The classes will discuss their online habits and consider how things they post can be viewed by others. The workshop includes role-play, allowing children to consider the merits of different approaches to dealing with and challenging online abuse, including things that may be seen as racist, sectarian or discriminatory. The workshop aims to enable pupils to make the right judgements when it comes to their own online behaviour.

Their hard work and dedication will be rewarded in March when the Caledonia Gladiators pay them a visit for a joint coaching session. As well as being a great way to stay fit, basketball will support the pupils to make new friends and will encourage them to be good team players. Formally known as the Glasgow Rocks, the Gladiators are Scotland’s top professional basketball team.


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