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Nil by Mouth’s school workshops focus on raising awareness of the issues surrounding sectarianism within our society. Our interactive approach aims to draw out personal attitudes, views and experiences while encouraging people to challenge sectarianism in their own lives and in wider society. Our primary school workshops typically last approximately 90 minutes and are aimed at P6 and P7 groups.

Nil by Mouth workshops are currently offered free of charge to schools in the following local authorities; North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire and West Lothian. A small charge to cover travel and staffing costs will be applied to schools in other council areas.

You can view the lesson plans for our primary workshops below. These are a rough guide only as we are flexible to areas of interest for specific classes and regularly update our materials.


Challenging Sectarianism Lesson Plan


Pause B4 U Post Lesson Plan

(Stand Alone)


Pause B4 U Post Lesson Plan 

(Follow Up to Challenging Sectarianism)

Teachers are encouraged to use Nil by Mouth workshops and materials as a support resource for wider projects exploring the issue of sectarianism.


Education on sectarianism can be approached through a variety of subjects such as Drama, Art, English, History, Religious and Social Studies. To support this we recommend using Education Scotland’s National Improvement Hub and searching for the term ‘sectarianism’.

For more information or to book a workshop please contact us at

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